Retail Express

Having developed an in-house retail operating software system for it’s internal use and seeing the value it created – the software was later commercialised as Retail Express and now serves thousands of retailers, from many verticals.

Retail Express delivers market leading cloud based Retail Operating Software, designed specifically to reduce costs, improve efficiency and grow sales.

It’s the way Retail should be!

Key features include Point of Sale Systems, eCommerce, Stock Control, Loyalty, Marketing, Business Intelligence, and Logistics.

We deliver easy-to-use software in the cloud, so there’s no software to install, I.T costs are slashed and you can access and control your entire business operation from anywhere, anytime.

All store operational information is hosted on a single and central database – which guarantees zero polling of data, zero delays in information and zero data corruption.

Powerful reporting provides deep insights into sales, inventory, customer and financial data, to enhance decision-making and streamline back-office operations.

We’re the cloud retail specialists and helping you to control and grow your business is our passion!

In a crowded retail sector dramatically impacted by changing consumer spending patterns and growing online competition, Retail Express offers medium to large retail businesses a significant advantage.

The leading cloud-based retail solution in the market, Retail Express delivers real-time access to all operational and financial data from right across the business, driving productivity and efficiency, enhancing customer service and informing better decision-making – it’s the way Retail should be.

Easy to Use Software in the Cloud

Accessible anywhere, anytime via the cloud, Retail Express enables Retailers to view and control every aspect of the business on-demand. Our comprehensive solution encompasses the full spectrum of business functionality, including: Point of Sale, Integrated Webstore, Stock Control, Loyalty, Marketing, Business Intelligence and Logistics.

Since all data is hosted at a secure, central facility with complete back-up and data recovery capabilities, system availability and data integrity are assured, eliminating many of the stock management issues that have traditionally plagued large retailers. In addition, the centrally hosted model means IT costs are dramatically reduced, with all our systems backed by 24-hour expert technical support.

Make Confident Business Decisions

Retail Express provides improved visibility into the business enabling Retailers to make better-informed decisions on a daily basis, plus allowing the organisation to respond more quickly to changing market conditions or new competitive threats. Our solution reduces the work associated with opening up new stores, while mobile Point of Sale, Pop-up Shops and Kiosks are all easier and more cost-effective to manage.

Tight integration between the different Retail Express modules allows management to monitor and respond to changes in every aspect of the business in real-time. Retail Express provides on-demand access to real-time information about everything from sales figures at each store, costs, margins and gross profits through to inventory valuations, forecast projections and more.

Dynamic Customer Experience

At the point of sale, store staff can access each customer’s complete buying history to support up-selling and loyalty promotions, with live stock inventory available for all stores at the touch of a button. This enables store staff to view inbound stock transfers and inbound purchase orders to all stores, along with existing back-orders, allowing them to provide their customer with up to date information on product availability and expected delivery times.

Increase Sales With An Integrated Webstore

The ability for Retail Express to support a real-time Omni-Channel strategy allows retailers to operate transparently, providing real time stock levels on their website, along with accurate store and online order history details. The seamless integration between physical and online stores makes the interchange of data occur in real-time – rather than on a batched basis – which ultimately improves efficiency, greatly reduces Administrative costs and enhances the customer buying experience. This improved efficiency also speeds up the fulfilment of online orders, reducing the time customers have to wait for their product.

Significantly Enhanced Stock Optimisation

When it comes to purchasing and stock control, retailers can monitor real-time product sales and stock availability to improve buying decisions and supply chain management, adjusting stock levels as needed to meet demand. Using the cloud based Retail Express platform, Retailers can expect to achieve improved return on stock of up to 8% of their annual inventory expenditure, representing significant cost and efficiency gains.

Distribution and warehousing also operate more effectively with Retail Express. Logistics staff can monitor and manage the precise location and movement of stock across the business, quickly identifying areas that are not performing efficiently or are incurring unnecessary costs. For example, as containers arrive at the warehouse, smarter decisions can be made around pallet locations to optimise access to stock that is likely to be shipped out in the near future. This helps to optimise resource utilisation and can save retailers many thousands of dollars each year.

Encourage Repeat Purchases

The ability to easily capture a customer’s data and buying history enables a retailer to build a valuable customer database, which can then be mined for promotional and cross-selling opportunities, maximising sales and profits by increasing the lifetime value of each customer. This increased customer knowledge not only informs future product purchasing decisions and promotional campaigns, but it can be used to develop stronger customer relationships over time. Retailers can use the in-built email tool to encourage customers back into store to purchase, by communicating relevant and timely offers.

Here When You Need Us

The Retail Express software is so intuitive and easy to use that it requires very little training before staff can use it effectively to conduct business. For those rare occasions where help is required, our technical support experts are always available by phone to resolve any challenges, helping to ensure that retail staff remain productive and effective with our technology.