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While it is true that setting up an online retail store is easy, there are other important factors that must be taken into consideration so that a shopping site takes off and achieves a significant online presence.

To encourage more visitors, the site needs to have a navigable framework, one that makes it convenient for shopping.  It also needs to have an appealing and manageable ecommerce web design, since perusing the merchandise, making the purchase, and processing payment transactions take place online. The site must also have a well-organized inventory and tracking system for efficient administration of goods and sales.

All these may sound overwhelming for someone who is thinking of investing in an online POS system. But with the expertise of Retail Express, as an online merchant, you will be guided into streamlining your operations on the Internet.

Retail Express is an Australia-based software developer and design company servicing thousands of clients internationally. The company makes use of superior but comprehensible POS software solution for managing an online business. The tools Retail Express extend to clients and users are limitless, so much that having an ecommerce store is not only profitable, but also enjoyable to handle.

Recently, Retail Express has partnered with Magento eCommerce in helping retailers create their webstore. Magento provides effective eCommerce solutions that allow retailers to customise their store in departments so that it can reach a wider market. Magento also provides efficient and professional-looking shopping cart software. For an online business to thrive, this feature is an integral part of the framework.

Using Magento’s shopping cart, an online shopper can easily add items on it and proceed with browsing for more products, before finalizing everything at checkout. The convenience of shopping, plus the potential increase in sales and the steady flow of loyal customers, make this set-up a win-win for both shopper and retailer.

Increase repeat sales and earn customer loyalty with Magento’s ecommerce solutions and proven expertise of Retail Express.

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Date of Post: 2013-03-17

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