How Addons and Integrations Can Slash Your Admin Time

Discover how a cloud POS can integrate with your other key business applications including accounting, eCommerce, payments, HR, inventory and marketing.

So much of the time taken to manage and monitor your retail stores can be better spent elsewhere, particularly with the incredible technologies now available to help you track, optimise and improve your customer experiences. Whilst a robust POS system can help you drive profound growth in its own right, connect it with other key business applications and you could see your business transform.  


Nobody has time for old-school accounting methods, so forget reconciling different databases across your retail and accounting platforms. An integration to a system like MYOB or Xero removes the need to manually enter and create journals. Having an experienced bookkeeper to manage the integration on an ongoing basis will ensure your business statements and reporting are accurate for both business and tax purposes. 


A deep integration between your warehouse, retail outlets and online store is essential to inventory management, ensuring your stock levels across your entire business are accurate and up-to-the-minute. Retail Express connects to Shopify, Open Cart, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento, giving you endless options to develop your successful online store with fully integrated ‘clicks and bricks’ inventory management. Business Catalyst is also an option and includes everything you need for an online store, from hosting to marketing tools.


6.5 million EFTPOS transactions are made every day – so don’t miss out on your share of these. Simple integrated payment gateways like Tyro and PC-EFTPOS not only save time during a sale, but save time at the end of the day when cashing up so daily amounts will already be reconciled, reducing human error. Most importantly, an integrated system creates efficiency at the point of sale so your staff can keep their heads out of the till and keep interacting with the customer – preventing any last-minute reconsiderations about purchases.

With consumer demand for post-pay expected to boom in 2017 and beyond, having a POS system (and eCommerce store) that integrates with such financial tech is going to be fundamental to your trading success. Retail Express integrates with leading post-pay provider zipMoney, providing unique and innovative ways to enhance your customer experience and drive maximum sales performance.


Tanda can be the ideal solution to free up your administration time when it comes to staff rosters, timesheets and pay rates. Its employee time clock app is an ingenious way to ensure staff are where they should be when they should be. When integrated with Retail Express you can view rostering costs ahead of time, track sales and create hourly reports to identify any areas to improve.

Marketing and Analytics

Marketing is all about understanding your customer base and communicating effectively with them. When your customer base is seamlessly integrated with your POS functionality, you’ll be able to segment your customers based not only on simple demographic metrics like age and sex, but also according to the actual items purchased. For example, you could see who purchased a road bike from your Bondi store in the last three months then send these customers a targeted campaign with the purpose of cross selling road bike specific grips, seats, shoes and active wear. MailChimp integration makes it easy to create emails with rich media and automated marketing solutions that connect with your online store, such as cart abandonment re-messaging.

Integrated POS and analytics systems aren’t just limited to your online store. Blix, Beonic and Kepler can help you to optimise your customer funnel through in-store sensors and integrated digital solutions. Phocas is one more option that gives you data and insights across your wholesale manufacturing, distribution and retail.

Inventory and logistics

Any retailer will agree that having real-time visibility of all stock at any time day or night is an invaluable piece of functionality that once you have, you won’t want to live without.

Track n Trace provides fully configured scanning systems for stocktake with Retail Express, while Netstock can help you to make smarter and more informed decisions about your inventory. When it comes to warehousing, WISE keeps the management and administration of stored goods simple in Australia and New Zealand.

To explore all of the options for smooth integration with your Retail Express POS system, browse the options for Addons and Integrations, and contact our team today.

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Date of Post: 2017-09-14

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