15 Aug 2012

Australian Company Features Stronger and More Innovative Point of Sale Software Solutions

Retail Express, a Queensland based company that operates internationally, has further strengthened its point of sale software solutions by providing a myriad of remarkable features to each of its POS platforms.

With the emergence of many retail businesses in Australia and around the world, there is a growing need for inventory management and overall POS solutions for more accurate results. This is why Retail Express continues to innovate with their point of sale software by adding powerful features.

The POS software solutions are listed down and detailed so that potential clients will have a bird’s eye view of what they need in their retail business. Moreover, a live demo lets them see the software in action. The comprehensive point of sale features also include benefits and screen capped photos of different POS software for different business solution needs.

Each software solution is guaranteed to be effective, efficient and easy to install. Another guarantee the company makes is that the software has a simple user interface (UI) that even an inexperienced sales staff will confidently use within 15 minutes of training.

The innovative POS software solutions of Retail Express boast of a comprehensive loyalty system that ensures patronage of customers; smarter stock control that improves cash flow and reduces time allotted for stock management; 24/7 live online access that allows remote operation anytime; and single central database that allows operation into one central database. This feature promotes low cost operations without sacrificing the accuracy and precision of each software’s performance.

Other strong features of POS software solutions provided by Retail Express are: comprehensive warehousing, which ensures that the foundation of the business is always operating smoothly; more reliable and intensive logistics; cloud hosting that allows business operators to access data or information wherever they are; integrated web store for online businesses; versatile integration that allows allows seamless integration with Accounting platforms including MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks and Saasu to the POS platform; and retail intelligence that allows generation of accurate and well-presented reports from a click of a button. All these powerful features are rolled into one of each point of sale software that the company designs and develops.

For further information regarding the Retail Express POS software solutions and other online services, visit their website at www.retailexpress.com.au, or call 1300 732 618