5 Oct 2012

Bringing Ecommerce Website Design into the Future

The world of ecommerce is changing at a rapid pace. Things are possible today that no one would have dared to imagine a ten, or even five, years ago.  Retail Express has just announced new generation retail software that is once again changing the way retail sales are managed via the World Wide Web.

It is more important now than ever before for small business owners to build strong relationships with ecommerce industry leaders so they have a strong foundation for the future. Retail Express has new point of sale software that is sure to change the way business is conducted online today and in the future.

The great thing about this particular software is that it works well with small, single store retailers as well as multi-store retailers and franchises. There are many reasons for single store retailers to consider this point of sale system, but a few of the highlights include the following:

  • Software solutions that are simple to implement and understand.
  • Outstanding support system to help business owners and associates use the software.
  • Software can be accessed across multiple platforms and from remote locations.
  • Systems grows as business grows with add-on products available for larger businesses and larger business needs. 

For small business owners, the system is a definite asset to consider. However, there are plenty of benefits for larger businesses as well. As simple as the product is to operate and as simplistic as its purpose may seem at first glance, it’s important to note that the system can grow right alongside the business with more sophisticated and complex features such as inventory optimisation and loyalty sales and promotions management.