Father’s Day National Retail Sales Results

September 2015 results from the Australian Retail Index.

All Retail Verticals Summary

September’s retail sales performance was down by 6.7% on last month and almost 4% on September last year despite Father’s Day shopping. A slightly different trend to last year was seen with the week leading into Father’s Day this year seeing a rise in the Other General Retail vertical (including electronics, books, computers and travel) while all other verticals showed a drop compared to the week prior.

In 2014 however, the Fashion vertical saw a rise two weeks in a row both before and after Father’s Day of up to 9.77% on the week prior whilst this year, it actually dropped to 2.58% the week leading into September 7th.

September 2014 Retail Sales Results

Australian Retail Index September 2014 markup

September compared to last month

September this year showed a drop among all verticals except Fashion compared with last month. Sporting and Recreation showed the greatest drop of 12.5% on August which is similar to the same period last year which saw Sporting drop 8.8% in September compared to August.

Fashion was the clear performer in being the only vertical to remain in positive growth in September compared with August in both 2014 and 2015.

September 2015 Retail Sales Results

Australian Retail Index September 2015 markup

Retail Sectors

Sporting & Recreational Goods

Sporting showed the greatest drop across all verticals in September compared to August of 12.5% which was similar to last year’s activity of a drop of 8.84%. Sporting showed a very minor improvement in sales the week coming out of Father’s Day of almost 1% but remained under the midline for the duration of the month.

Furniture & Homewares

Furniture also behaved similar to last year with a drop of 8.35% on August this year and a drop of 9.35% last year. Similar to Sporting, Furniture also showed an improvement in the week following Father’s Day of 5.6% but dropped overall over the entire month.

Other General

The Other General vertical showed an overall drop of 6.7% over the whole month compared with last month but was definitely the sector of choice leading into Father’s Day this year with a rise of 9.18% on August when all other verticals remained in negative. Compared with last year however, this vertical performed worse than September 2014 with a drop of around 4%.

Fashion & Accessories

Despite last month’s poor performance and as predicted, Fashion saw it’s comeback in September as the leading vertical showing an increase of 7.8% on last month. This is slightly less than the same period last year but an improvement for the Fashion and Accessories vertical.

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Date of Post: 2015-10-13

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