iBeacons – Do They Have Any Real Value?

ibeacon signal at fashion retail store

Does this new proximity technology have any actual value for the general retailer or is this just another ‘flash in the pan’ which will be easily forgotten?

iBeacons (or Bluetooth Beacons) are designed to interact with a consumer as they come within range of the signal of the device. A good example of this is where a consumer walks into a large store and is notified on their mobile phone that their favourite product is on special in aisle 5. The technology uses a Bluetooth signal to connect with a mobile device, usually a mobile phone.

The idea has far-reaching appeal for the retailer (data capture, targeted marketing, loyalty) which makes it worth investigating. For the consumer, the trick will be to find a great reason for them to enable the technology on their phone (download the App and allow push notifications) – this benefit to the consumer isn’t so clear.

Read the full article from Power Retail here.

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Date of Post: 2014-08-13

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