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It’s long been recognised that businesses using point of sale software tend to report increased sales growth figures. The ability to track real-time transactions allows for easier management of staff productivity and sales figures throughout each day.

Stock management also become easier. The software records inventory coming into the business and logs each sale as it happens. POS software also allows for much easier tracking of stock available, even between multiple stores. This can be ideal for ensuring a customer is able to access the required items at a glance.

Choosing the right POS software solution is an individual choice for each business. The ability to tailor point of sale solutions to suit each application is also important. This ensures each business’s unique POS needs are addressed, making it easier to monitor, track and report on various aspects of sales, cash flow and productivity.

Retail Express specialise in providing cost-effective POS software solutions and world class e-commerce platforms. Their extremely simple online software allows for real-time reporting. There is no expensive software to install, as the system is hosted remotely. This has the effect of reducing operating costs dramatically, as there are no expensive servers to consider and no additional costs for ongoing IT maintenance.

The POS software available from Retail Express allows for real-time stock control, but also incorporates loyalty programs and marketing features. These are all easily accessible from the real-time dashboard that is available 24/7 via online access.

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Date of Post: 2012-06-22

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