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Retailers across Australia can increase sales by integrating shopping cart software into online ecommerce websites. Magento ecommerce solutions allow for easy integration that entices customers to purchase right from a business website.

As more Australian consumers embrace the benefits of online shopping, many retail store owners are feeling the pinch of decreased sales. Yet in direct opposition to these depressing statistics, huge retail outlets still show massive increases in retail sales.

The key to the success is to integrate an online shopping cart option on an ecommerce-enabled website. Not only can this help increase overall retail sales, but also it allows expansion across a much broader customer base.

Far too many retail store owners rely on marketing efforts and walk-by traffic to gain sales. However, those people walking into a store are predominantly local traffic.

Taking advantage of an ecommerce-enabled retail website allows any retailer to appeal to customers in other states, and even from other countries. This broadens exposure and visibility of any retail company, at the same time as increasing sales.

A truly effective ecommerce business website does need to make the online shopping experience as simplified as possible for customers. This is where choosing the right shopping cart software is so crucial. The software does need to make it easy for customers to add items they wish to buy to their account, but still offer the ability to continue browsing other items before checking out.

Additionally, the software should also be able to be integrated into the business’s retail POS software. This allows for greater ease in controlling and monitoring stock levels. It also gives the ability to view sales from both online and real-world sources in real time across the same platform.

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Date of Post: 2013-03-01

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