July National Retail Sales Results

July ARI Summary 2015

All Retail Verticals Summary

A drop in retail sales at this time of the year is expected as business owners turn their attention to optimising their business performance for the busiest time ahead.

July saw an overall drop of 17.7% this month compared to the month of June, significantly lower than the same period last year which didn’t see much movement at all.


Australian Retail Index – July Sales 2015

July ARI Summary 2015

As can be seen above, almost every week in July was spent below the 0% line with a heavy drop across all sectors the week ending 18 July. Despite the large drop seen in Furniture mid month (pink line above), Sporting saw a greater overall drop as it remained below the average point throughout the entire month.

The biggest week in July was week ending 11 July as the overall shot up to 3.3% growth with Furniture out performing all sectors at 11.6% on the week prior. Furniture again out performed all sectors week ended July 25 at 6.6% change on the week prior.

When looking at the same period last year, July 2014, there appears to be a very similar pattern with Furniture out performing other sectors twice with a sharp drop of 28% on the previous week mid month bringing the overall average down for all sectors.


Australian Retail Index – July Sales 2014


July ARI summary 2014

Retail Sectors

Fashion & Accessories

Coming down after the Mother’s Day high, Fashion dropped 12% compared to the month of June and was down 2% on the same period last year.

Sporting & Recreational Goods

Sporting saw the greatest drop among all categories at almost 20% on June. A stark contrast to last year’s performance which saw Sporting perform the best across all categories with an increase in 2.5% on the month prior.

Other General Retail

The General Retail vertical (which can include electronics, discount variety and others) finished in July down 15% on June and down almost 8% on the same period last year.

Furniture & Homewares

Despite Furniture’s impressive positive movement last month, it was down at almost 17% on June. This is surprising given that last year Furniture saw a slight improvement on the month prior at 2.3%. Furniture did however out perform other sectors in two weeks of the month, weeks ending July 11 and 25.

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Date of Post: 2015-08-10

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