New Generation Retail Software Magento eCommerce Offers Significant Cost Savings and IT Support Where Needed

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Being in retail has long meant time-consuming stock control methods and expensive point of sale (POS) software systems, both of which can cripple a small retail store.

Gaining access to a system that integrates stock control and POS is an ideal way to alleviate these problems, but generally, this requires tricky software installations and ongoing costs that affect your bottom line.

Enter the Magento eCommerce software. This software program features a customisable eCommerce web design and shopping cart interface, making POS in Australia easy to capture with the use of the online POS.

Shopping cart software has traditionally been difficult to install and requires IT support that can be very expensive to maintain. Not to mention the amount of training required to master this type of software. Magento eCommerce provides a shopping cart interface that is easy to use with minimal training required.

Retail software is an expanding industry and Magento eCommerce has met the market with its real-time database and cloud based solution. The need for IT support is diminished via the use of this software, with support provided and all updates completed as and when they are needed. Everything is cloud-based, making this an extremely accessible option for the small and growing retailer.

Traditional retail software systems required a database at each store location for multiple stores and retail chains. This type of software relied on a “polling” technique, which would move and share the information between computers at specific times, so the information was not real-time. This type of software system frequently experiences database corruption error messages, limited transactional information shared between stores and information is not easily accessible without remote desktop or VPN methods.

Users of the Magento eCommerce system say that their return on investment was almost immediate. All through the use of this retail software.

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Date of Post: 2013-03-17

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