New Tap&Go Terminals From Tyro


Tyro and Retail Express can now offer you integrated Tap&Go payments for your Retail stores.

How will this help?

  • No re-keying between the POS & the EFTPOS meaning no more errors
  • Faster, more efficient payments – customers simply ‘Tap&Go’ for all Visa/MasterCard transactions under $100
  • More reliable and secure payments

There are two new model terminals available – both terminals are broadband and 3G configurable:

Yomani Tap&Go Counter Top Terminal

Yoximo Tap&Go Mobile Sleek Terminal

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More and more people are expecting to pay with Tap&Go in store. According to Visa, more than 40% of all face to face transactions are now contactless.

For more information, contact Tyro at

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Date of Post: 2014-05-26

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