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stock-control-2Every business owner strives for success. With success comes the need for expansion, and unfortunately some entrepreneurs find themselves caught unprepared for the changes that come with growth. Often, these small, hands-on enterprises grow to become a multi-branch chain of shops. When this happens, keeping an open line of communication and being able to stay on top of sales and stocks becomes an increasingly difficult task. In order to be prepared for growth, it is best to invest early on in a stock control system that will allow you to keep up with the demands of development.

Stay On Top of Your Stocks

One sure way to turn off customers is to not have what they are looking for in stock when they come to visit your store. This being so, we can clearly see how big of a role proper inventory management plays in the success of your business. Setups where stocks are monitored individually per store are now becoming obsolete with the emergence of new inventory management systems that allow real time updates across multiple branches. These also allow information to be transmitted to and from your head office in an instant, making sure that requests for stock replenishment come in right when they are needed. This software has been developed for ease of use and quick setup, with only the internet and a laptop or mobile device needed for access.

Take Your Store Anywhere

Another advantage of employing online retail software is that it allows you total mobility when it comes to your setup. In this day and age where everything moves at such a rapid pace, it pays to be where your customers are in order for you to fully maximise your selling potential. One way to do this is by setting up pop up stores and temporary kiosks whenever the opportunity arises, such as in trade shows or fairs. This style of onsite strategy will only give you a limited amount of space, and therefore bringing your entire physical inventory is not an option. Here you see the beauty of having your online system setup, and with only an internet connection and a tablet, you can setup shop in an instant using an inventory management software.

Powerfully Partnered with Point of Sale Solutions

Expansion and mobility via cloud systems would not be complete without the powerful partnership of stock management and point of sale software. Having a virtual POS system means that you are equipped to close transactions from anywhere, at any time. This includes sales closed over the internet as well. Monitoring the volume of your sales also becomes simpler with this new system because data is stored in one central server, eliminating the need to consolidate data manually, and thereby minimizing the chances of errors and inconsistencies. With these new POS systems, retail store owners are no longer confined to the four walls of their shops and personnel need not manually encode the numbers for the day as with the traditional, obsolete systems. Information is delivered as it is inputted into the system, making business processes efficient and effective. These new and improved inventory and point of sale business tools have streamlined the way that entrepreneurs manage their businesses, and in turn, have given them back valuable time that they can spend enjoying life or even innovating further.

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Date of Post: 2013-10-04

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