5 Nov 2012

Retail Express Announce Magento Commerce Solutions

Magento offers commerce solutions designed to help brick and mortar business owners as well as e-commerce providers take their businesses to the next level when it comes to profit potential. Don’t flounder around hoping for an ecommerce solution to present itself—especially when there is such a simple solution already available at Retail Express.

From the single Magento developer getting started on the creation of this impressive shopping cart software to the final Magento shopping cart delivery, the process of creating this total package for ecommerce has been filled with as many extras as one could possibly expect from an ecommerce solution. This isn’t a simple Point of Sale System. It’s a total package handles inventory, tax invoices, and customer order confirmations without requiring owner input to do so.

For the shop owner who puts in long hours, the Magento developers have created a solution that works even when they can’t. After all, who can always be there to handle sales online at all hours of the day and night? Magento ecommerce does the heavy lifting so shop owners can dedicate their time to operating their businesses and creating new innovations in their markets.

The Magento development process might not seem quite that impressive at first glance. However, for those who dig down a little deeper and take the time to understand all the freedom this system offers, it’s nearly impossible to overlook the potential this system has to offer businesses. There is no other POS system Australia has available at the moment that can match the one Magento developers have put together.

Here are just a few benefits to consider when checking out the Magento commerce solution:

  • No high bills for an IT department
  • No need to install complex software systems.
  • 4/7 access via the World Wide Web
  • Lower operating costs than most other similar programs
  • No delays
  • No data polling
  • Live control day or night
  • Automated system of commerce 

The real challenge isn’t in finding reasons to invest in Magento but finding reasons not to do so. Visit: https://retailexpress.com.au/ to learn more about this exciting system today.