October National Retail Sales Results

October 2016 results from the Australian Retail Index.

Furniture makes a big come back in October retail sales

All retail sectors are feeling the boost of changing seasons and summer trade kicking in this October with an overall growth of over 27% across the board compared with last month.

October 2016 VS September 2016


This comes a major relief as September saw a slump for most sectors with Furniture being the greatest hit with a drop of 4% last month compared with last year. Sporting was the winner last month and displayed continual improvement in October with 24% growth on it’s well performing month of September.


Sporting leads the way

Across Australia, all verticals experienced a positive upward trend with Sporting leading the way at over 28% growth compared with the same period last year. Fitness and sporting stores including, bike, surfing and fishing stores were all big winners as the change in weather pushed Australians to the outdoors.


October 2016 VS October 2015



All sectors on the rise

Furniture was close behind with 23% growth far exceeding it’s performance last month.

A fairly similar trend was seen across each and every state with Fashion trumping all other sectors bringing home over 30% growth in Victoria.

The fast approaching Christmas season has the Australian consumer preparing early for December this year as the tell tale decorations take their place in department stores across the nation.


Written by Aaron Blackman CEO of Retail Express. Retail data drawn from the AustralianRetailIndex.com.au


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Date of Post: 2016-11-14

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