Retail Express Delivers Innovative Online Shopping Cart for Retail Stores

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Offering customers a way to purchase stock items online can be the key to increases sales for many businesses. The convenience of shopping online has changed the way many people shop. Businesses that embrace the change report significant increases in profits as a result of giving customers that choice.

When many retail store owners think about point of sale software, they immediately picture a computer screen on the service counter. However, integrating online shopping cart software into a POS system is very simple, especially when dealing with a specialist company such as Retail Express.

Retail Express specialises in e-commerce software, POS software and online shopping cart systems. All the software available from Retail Express is designed specifically to help streamline business operations.

This includes improving stock control, quick payment tender features, and e-commerce systems designed to make it easier for businesses to accept purchases, payments and orders online.

The software solutions available from Retail Express are all available with online access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This removes the need to install cumbersome software onto expensive servers, which keeps operating costs low. It also ensures that all information is available from the secure account dashboard quickly and easily at any time. This means no problems arising from data corruption and no delays in accessing information when it’s needed.

The benefits for incorporating an online shopping cart feature onto any retail store website can be enormous. The experienced, professional staff at Retail Express are keen to discuss any individual requirements business owners may have.

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Date of Post: 2012-06-22

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