Retail Express Partners With Magento Commerce To Provide The Most Effective Ecommerce Website Design

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Many retailers understand the value of having an online store as it expands one’s customer pool exponentially but they are often faced with another dilemma and that is the lack of time to manage another operation. This is because a lot of retailers opt for the simplest shopping cart solution on the market, which often leads to chaos as the online store ends up being run like a completely different business.

Retail Express now offers its customers the Magento Web Store Solution, which is a comprehensive package designed for retailers who want to sell online but need a good management solution that can be implemented quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Magento is a highly respected ecommerce platform used by thousands of retailers all over the world. It is feature-rich, allowing ecommerce website owners to do almost anything from easy customer and order management to marketing and promotion with the extensive tools available.

Retail Express will not only make sure your ecommerce website design is perfectly suited to their customers’ needs but they will also deploy the online software store so all one needs to do is plug in their products and they are ready to go. During deployment, Retail Express and the Magento store are connected, ensuring the integration of retailers’ online operations with the traditional store.

Retail Express is a comprehensive retail management solution offering a wide range of features including smart inventory management, marketing and promotional tools, customer management features and, now, ecommerce websites based on the feature-rich Magento Commerce platform.

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Date of Post: 2012-06-01

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