Retail Express Partners with Magento Ecommerce to Help Retailers Profit from the Web

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Retail Express has established a partnership with Magento ecommerce to make it easier than ever for retailers to set up shop online. An easy-to-use system that helps retailers expand their market significantly by taking their store online, this shopping cart software will help businesses increase their sales and profitability significantly.

A retailer that does not have an online presence is leaving money on the table. Many people prefer to shop from home, nowadays, thanks to how easy the Internet makes it to do so. It is quite understandable too. Why should one brave traffic, crowded stores, and long queues, when shopping can all be done from home with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes?

Additionally, having an online presence expands a retailer’s market significantly since customers outside the business’ geographic location can make a purchase, not just local customers who are within driving distance. However, many retailers have shied away from the idea of setting up a webstore for the simple reason that they find the entire process overwhelming and excessively technical.

Retail Express has already helped thousands of retailers throughout Australia streamline their business and improve their bottom line. Now, they have taken things a step further by partnering with Magento ecommerce. Retailers now have the ability to set up their webstore quickly and easily with the assistance of a professional team that creates a branded and customised online store. Their webstore can feature everything from product departments to the secure Magento shopping cart, and also run it as an integral part of the retailing business.

By combining the online store with the powerful marketing tools Retail Express already offers, such as newsletters and loyalty programs, any retailer can increase their sales and improve their bottom line significantly simply by being able to reach a larger market.

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Date of Post: 2012-01-30

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