Showrooming Rates Continue To Climb

person using mobile phone in retail store for showrooming

According to a new survey by Canstar Blue, Australian’s are continuing the practice of ‘showrooming’ at significant rate. Showrooming occurs when consumers visit a physical retail store to assess the look and feel of an item, then leave the store and buy the exact item on an online store, presumably for a cheaper rate. Understandably, this is a major frustration for retailers, as they invest considerable resources into their physical store, only to be under-cut by an online only retailer.

Having said this, physical store Retailers need to ensure that they are aware of this and have systems or strategies in place to mitigate it happening. Perhaps offer to match any online price, or talk up the value of walking away with the product ‘today’. Engaged and enthusiastic store staff can often reduce the chance of showrooming happening, as they are face-to-face with the consumer, making it a more personal shopping experience.

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Date of Post: 2014-09-15

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