Tablet Selling Saves Australian Retailer From Storms

Opposite Lock retailer using mobile pos system

Opposite Lock is a highly successful retailer that has cornered a niche in the 4WD accessories retail sector, with 70 franchise stores across Australia. Despite their success over the last 40 years – nothing could have saved them from the devastating storms that hit NSW several weeks ago. Many retailers were affected, leaving them without power, Internet and phone lines.

The result of the storms left Opposite Lock unable to trade – which of course meant they were losing money by the hour. Melanie Allerton, owner of the Newcastle store, placed a call into the Retail Express National Support Centre – asking for help on how they could commence trading.

Within about 5 minutes, they had their POS system up and running on their tablet device and were able to get through the day with no hassles. They were even able to send receipts to their customers via email as their printers were out of action as well.

After catching up with Melanie two weeks on, it turns out their new iPad mobile POS system will be a permanent resident with new tablets (Android) to be added to their mobile repertoire within a few months. They have even found more than one use for their new found mobile POS freedom.

Opposite Lock retailer using mobile pos system

Opposite Lock Store

We all know how beneficial it can be to complete a sale whilst on the showroom floor with the customer looking at the product they’re wishing to purchase, but Melanie has found another great use for their mobile POS as well.

“Customers often want to see what a new bullbar will look like on their particular vehicle and I have images of every make and model we’ve fitted organised into folders. So if someone has a Toyota Hilux, I can show them what the new bullbar will look like right there on the iPad”.

So now with their new iPad set up with the Retail Express POS system, they are able to show customers what each of their products fitted will look like on specific makes and models of vehicles and if the customer likes it, they can complete the purchase right there and then on the showroom floor.

In addition, their iPad (Mini) can serve as a backup for trade shows, pop-ups and events. “We’re doing the Caravan and Camping Show this month in Maitland and we’ll be taking the iPad with us as a backup”.

With this new technology and the ability to integrate seamlessly with Retail Express, there are a multitude of possibilities in using mobile POS. Here are just some of the many mobile POS options you can use for your retail outlet:


In fashion retail as an example, you can allow your staff to show customers different colour options for particular items.

We all know that showcased items sell more as the customer is able to visualise the item on themselves more easily. You can take pictures of mannequins with different outfits throughout the season and if a customer is interested in an item previously modeled, you can show them what it looks like as they’re browsing.

Trade shows, events

It makes perfect sense to easily manage trade show sales and demonstrations with your mobile POS. This reduces the stress of large till set ups and with the ability to email receipts, it gives the perfect opportunity to grab your customers’ email address to ensure you’re able to communicate with them into the future using your built in loyalty system.


As seen in the example with Opposite Lock, even a few days of missed sales can make a difference in overall monthly sales so with your mobile POS setup on your tablet (Android or iPad), you can ensure that you’re able to run your business in the case of power loss or hardware faults.

At the end of all these options, you’re able to finalise the sale right there with the customer without traveling to the counter. You can email the customer their receipt (to save a tree) or wirelessly send the receipt to your printer.

The ability to truly connect with customers on the showroom floor will undoubtedly begin to change the way you do business bringing more ease to both your customers and staff.


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Date of Post: 2015-05-05

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