Top Advantages of a Mobile POS System

Empowering your staff to operate from tablet devices is no longer just a nice-to-have, it is business-critical.

It’s 2017 and if you haven’t considered whether mobile should be part of your point of sale system, it’s well and truly time to think about the benefits it could bring to your retail business.  

What is mobile POS?

A mobile POS means you can operate your POS software from a Windows-based or iPad tablet allowing your staff to interact with customers, wherever they are in store. So what business advantages can these mobile point of sale systems bring to a business?

Minimise walkaways and showrooming

Prospective customers will often simply walk out if certain decision-making information isn’t presented to them at the product display area and they feel hesitant to approach the counter to ask a question. Showrooming is also a common problem for many retailers, with customers browsing products instore then purchasing from an online retailer. Why not intercept the process and proactively engage the customer, armed with all the information in your POS system to facilitate the sale?

Searching inventory and pricing easily

Being able to pull up product information and pricing details efficiently whilst interacting with the customer is invaluable in providing a great shopping experience. It also enables you to close the sale with tempting offers that won’t undermine your bottom line.  

Selling via pop-up stores

If you sell at trade shows, carpark sales or markets or plan to hold pop-up stores, a mobile POS system is your ideal solution. Stock levels are adjusted in real-time between your permanent store and any temporary ones, giving you a clear idea of what you have to offer at any one time.

Rewarding loyal customers

Capturing customers’ information is easy and accurate when they can see your device screen and correct any would-be errors. Use your built-in loyalty program to record these details, then keep track of individual preferences to send customers personalised offers, product suggestions and tailored email marketing.

To see how retailers in your sector are using mobile POS to get a competitive advantage, speak to one of our retail experts today.


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Date of Post: 2017-10-30

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