Ecommerce Website Design

Retail Express Offers Custom Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design

Retail Express, the market leader in cloud based Retail Operating Software has partnered with Magento Commerce to offer their customers top-notch integrated customer solutions. Hence, customers can now quickly and easily set-up an online store that is fully integrated with their offline operations.

Additionally, Retail Express makes things even more easier in terms of ecommerce website design through the various templates they offer, which is also a more cost-effective solution rather than resorting to a third-party web design company. Therefore, if you want to have your online store up and running as quickly as possible, fully synched with your in-store operations, and easily accessed, navigable and looks and feels professional, then Retail Express’ integrated solutions is your answer.

Professional and Cost-Effective Ecommerce Website Design

An issue most retailers face when attempting to set up their shopping cart is the necessity to seek the services of a third party developer, which depending on the complexity of the ecommerce software to be implemented, can get quite expensive. Moreover, such systems are also rarely plug and play, making it quite difficult to update information and synchronise with offline retail operations.

Retail Express’ integrated solutions is one of the best options available for retailers looking for a customised ecommerce website design that fits the needs of their business and target market online. Highly cost effective, the software is also a plug and play system, making life much easier for the business owners and the end users.

Magento Ecommerce Solution

Retailers will enjoy multiple benefits from Retail Express’ integrated ecommerce website design solutions, including:

Information synchronises virtually immediately with all online and store operations. Hence, your online store is no longer a separate entity from your offline retail store. One advantage of this is a unified customer loyalty system – when a customer purchases a product online, they will still get their points in the same way as if they had personally made the purchase in your store. More importantly, stock levels and inventory are updated in real time for both online and offline sales. This means that you only need to maintain an integrated stock management system instead of maintaining two separate systems which can get confusing in the long run.

Aside from Retail Express’ various base eCommerce website design templates which can be modified and customised based on your business’ needs, data upload and modification is extremely simple and user-friendly. The Retail Express/Magento ecommerce website design solution allows you to upload products and data in bulk, hence getting your online store updated and running in no time is a cinch.

Also with the help of Magento, your site will be fully search engine optimised as it comes with a wide range of inbuilt capabilities including: canonical URLs, RSS feeds and Google sitemap generation. It will also have the capability to create pages of content – which is essential for ranking well in search engines since quality content rules the web.

Retail Express and Magento have created one of the most impressive online solutions for retailers available on the market. It is a well known fact that the internet can significantly increase a retailer’s revenues with its large market reach and base, but opening an online store counterpart can prove to be difficult for retailers with limited experience in online selling. But with Retail Express’ integrated eCommerce website design solutions, setting up that online store will be much easier and simpler – answering all your needs from a customised eCommerce website design, a unified stock and customer database, to establishing your online presence.

A lot more benefits are waiting for you and your business at Retail Express. For more information, take a look at our video which will show you how you to save a fortune by implementing a highly effective and efficient POS system. For inquiries and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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