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Customer Loyalty, CRM, Marketing Management System

Customer Management Software

Create sophisticated sales and marketing campaigns easily

  • eCatalogue system lets you send customised and personalised product catalogues to your customer database (via email)
  • Run sales reports to identify customers who previously purchased specific products, then use the e-newsletter to promote complimentary up-sell products to those specific customersSchedule your e-newsletter to be dispatched at ay future date & time
  • Upload external databases for your eCatalogue distribution listDesign your own html based promotions using html editor with embedded pictures and videos
  • By promoting back to your existing customers, they’ll buy more products, more often
  • Track the success rate of your communications
  • Customers can click directly from the e-newsletters to your online Web Store to view you entire range, then order online (or via phone order)
  • Test-market pricing concepts, sales promotions, and new products

Retail Express Loyalty System Overview

Retail Express Loyalty is designed to help you draw more customers back into your store more often, and to provide you with important intelligence about your customers purchase behaviour.

Having & utilising a good loyalty system allows you to:

  • Provide better customer service
  • Obtain more customer loyalty and repeat purchases
  • Improve store profitability
  • Obtain an advantage over your competition

Branded Loyalty Cards

Provide your customers with their own personal loyalty card, which is associated to their Retail Express Account number – and branded with company logo and information. You can have these cards pre-printed, with ‘account numbers’ and bar codes on them already, via any number of card producers.

When the customer comes to the sales counter, simply scan the customers card into Retail Express POS, which inserts the customer data into the sale transaction. From there, you can view the customers complete order history and loyalty status.


Customisable Configuration

Customisable parameters to setup and maintain your loyalty program to suit your business. Such as setting the ‘dollars spent to points accrued’ ratio, automatic customer discount thresholds, redemption of points as tender at POS, disable certain customers from accruing points, apply higher or lower points to certain products purchased, etc.

Customer Intelligence & Reporting

Identify & data-mine your customers based on many powerful search options, such as any combination of customers that:

  • Purchased between certain date periods
  • Did not purchase between certain date periods
  • Have spent more or less than $X
  • Have accrued more or less than X points
  • Have purchased particular products
  • Are on a particular discount structure
  • Have various marketing profiles, such as:
    • Have a birthday during a particular month
    • Heard about you from your various advertising campaigns
    • Live in a certain geographical area
    • Are a member of a certain group
  • And so much more…

The report returns the results and displays all the relevant customer data. From there, you can choose form a range of ‘actions’ in order to reward your customers.

Rewarding your Customers

Upon using the customer reports to identify certain customers, you can then utilise any of the following options to reward your customers and incentive them back into store:

  • When a customer is making a purchase at the Point of Sale, you can instantly view the customers complete order history and loyalty status. From the POS system screen, you can convert points into ‘tender’ in order to pay for products. Alternatively, you can apply a new discount to the sale based on their loyalty status.
  • Set up various customer discount levels, which are auto-assigned to a customer upon them reaching a certain dollar spend. These discount levels can be manually applied to groups of customers, or automatically assigned based on their spending pattern.
  • Batch-generate gift vouchers to thousands of customers at once. Creating and giving a gift voucher to a customer is powerful incentive to attract them back in-store.
  • Mass apply bonus points to certain customers. For example, you can identify customers that were previously regular buyers, but have not recently been into your store. These customers can be awarded bonus points as an incentive to re-visit (or assign a gift voucher per above).

Communicating with your Customers

Advising your customers of their loyalty status, discount levels, available gift vouchers and how they can benefit from your loyalty system is as critical as the system itself. Retail Express provides three powerful options to communicate with your customers:

Email / Newsletter

Use the Customer Activity Report to data-mine and find certain customers, and then send them all a personal email or newsletter, using the integrated CRM & newsletter system.


Excel to Mail Merge

Use the Customer Activity Report to data-mine and find certain customers, and then export all their personal information into excel (including postal and email addresses).

From there you can use that information to mail-merge and physically post out information (such as loyalty status, gift vouchers, etc)

SMS Messaging

Use the Customer Activity Report to data-mine and find certain customers, and then send those customers an SMS message.

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