Stock Control Systems

Stock Control Systems

Choosing the right retail inventory stock control software for your retail business is critical to your success, as it can have a huge impact on how much time you spend on tracking, ordering and managing your stock. This in turn, dictates how much time you can spend on other important tasks, the level of customer service you can provide, and ultimately, whether your business survives and thrives!

That is why Retail Express has focused on the development of store inventory software based stock control systems that deliver practical yet powerful outcomes – that significantly reduce the time you spend on many retail inventory stock control tasks.

If you have a retail inventory stock control system then chances are it tells you how many you have on hand of each item in your warehouse. But is that enough? In order to truly optimize your stock you need to know when to reorder and which supplier can provide you with the most favourable price. Your store inventory software system need to be designed to help you manage not just your inventory but to manage across the multiple sales channels that make selling in modern times so challenging.

Retail Express retail inventory stock control systems enable you to take control of your retail inventory management, understand your customers’ buying patterns, and let your cash work the way you need it to. stocktake warehouseThese are the key features of this full featured store inventory software. Knowing what you have in stock is no longer enough. You need to control costs by purchasing from your preferred supplier in time. Retail Express allows you to:

  • Access your inventory in real time 24/7
  • Minimize capital investment
  • Integrate with POS system
  • Manage your stock using state of the art bar coding technology
  • Transfer stock between multiple stores and multiple warehouses
  • Enter single items or upload thousands of products via Excel
  • Conduct fast and accurate product searches in real time
  • Handle multiple prices and multiple discounts
  • Get your team up and running quickly
  • Transfer data via wireless technology
  • Take advantage of touch screen capability
  • Email purchase orders direct to suppliers

Stock takes are also fast and easy with our retail inventory stock control software, and can be done in real time during trading hours. All you have to do is scan your stock and the database is updated instantly across all store location. Alternatively, it can be entered manually through the reporting interface, with both approaches removing the additional costs that accompany stock audits performed offline and after hours.

Plus, with many consumers now choosing to price shop and purchase online, you get the flexibility of multiple prices and discounts on items according to where your customers are buying from—so you will never again have to forfeit a sales opportunity. Need to find a product fast? Product searches are a breeze with a powerful search function that includes wildcards and other search parameters.

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