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Inventory Management Systems

Choosing the right retail warehouse inventory management system

Retail Express Inventory management software is the one tool you need to ensure that you are making the most of your stock as well as all the other parts of your supply chain. This is a tool that is designed to enhance your operations, not change them. The comprehensive set of features will enable you to better manage your cash flow, fully leverage your stock levels, and secure the best possible pricing and deliveries.

Inventory Management SystemBoth powerful and easy to use, Retail Express offers the following features and capabilities:

  • Intuitive and easy to manage interfaces
  • Touch screen ready
  • Real time product updating
  • State of the art bar coding capability
  • Integrated with POS for total control
  • 24/7 access and operation
  • No costly capital equipment to procure and manage
  • Fully tested in real world conditions
  • Full featured and robust reporting engine
  • Flexible and configurable

Retail Express stands apart from other similarly featured inventory management systems in that it was designed by business people, for business people, under real world conditions.

Basically, this means that you do not have to change the way you run your operations in order to be able to make the most of the features of your inventory management software. Your warehouse and retail inventory management systems will work the way you need them to, instead of the other way around.

Never Miss a Sale Opportunity

Managing inventory in the retail environment is all about making the most of all your sales channels. It is also about keeping your costs low and working in partnership with your suppliers. Retail Express has the power and features to allow you to effectively do both of these things. Whether you sell in store, on the Internet, over the phone, or all three, Retail Express inventory management system can handle your processes throughout the entire chain.

From scheduled reorders at key trigger points, to electronic transmittal of purchase orders, Retail Express has the power to help you keep the products you need in stock. Quick and easy order and stock intake means your team can get their jobs done with minimum of stress and hassle.

If you run a large operation with multiple stores and multiple warehouses, Retail Express can help you level your inventory by allowing for real time transfers between sites. If you are a single outlet store, Retail Express’s simple to use interface will help you work smarter and allow for more room to grow. retail-logisitics-software

In summary, Retail Express inventory management will allow you to achieve:

  • Higher inventory turnover rates
  • Better stock level control
  • Real time insight into inventory levels
  • Reduced levels of staff stress and reduced error rates
  • Reduced training overhead
  • Better relationships with both your customers and suppliers
  • Little or no additional spending on inventory management IT infrastructure and maintenance
  • Improved data security, accuracy and availability

No matter what your business is, Retail Express is the only inventory management system you will ever need. It will handle everything you want today and get you ready for the future.

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