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Warehouse Management Systems

The Retail Express Warehouse Management System API is a web service that allows Warehouse Management Systems to communicate with Retail Express point of sale and stock control software. 

This enables the synchronisation of products, pricing, orders, customers and other business specific information to help reduce the amount of administration required to maintain a warehouse management software system. The warehouse management solution API accepts and returns warehouse management systemXML and is platform/ language independent so you can program your integration in your choice of programming language that supports consuming a web service. All bulk retrieval operations return a ZIP archive (GZIP) to reduce the amount of bandwidth used.

The warehouse management software API has been designed around the premise that the WMS will pull down all the information needed from Retail Express in order to have a copy of all relevant data in its own database.
This structure allows the warehouse management system to function within itself until such point as information needs to be passed back into Retail Express and updated within the warehouse management software.

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