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Logistics & Warehouse Management Software

Retail Logistics SoftwareA complete range of logistics, supply chain and warehouse management features are included in Retail Express. Specifically, these features include:


  • Container tracking & Capacity Planning
  • Supplier Payment Tracking
  • Foreign Exchange & Stock Receipt with scanning

BIN Locations

Picking Stock

  • Picking reports with many “filters” to help you determine what you plan to pick
  • Allocating pick runs to specific “pickers”; exporting pick lists
  • Picking stock directly off inbound purchase orders (to fill customer orders)
  • Saving pick lists; and much more…

Dispatching Stock

  • Dispatch reports with various “filters” to help you determine what to dispatch
  • Partial dispatch
  • Container and truck capacity (space) planning; and much more

Receiving Stock Transfers

Customer Fulfilment of orders from any location

  • Home Deliveries
  • Delivery Zones
  • Delivery Times
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Driver Run Sheets & Manifests
  • Warehouse & Store Pick-ups

Advanced Logistics and Customer Fulfillment

Retail Logistics

Retail Express provides advanced features for multi-store retailers who:

  • Conduct a high volume of stock transfers on a regular basis
  • Need the flexibility to choose which store or warehouse to “source” inventory from for customer orders (from the POS), for out of stock products
  • Want sales staff to be able to instantly view ETA dates of inventory on inbound purchase orders and imports, along with live stock levels at all store locations
  • Have advanced warehousing and logistics requirements
  • Conduct importing and over-seas purchasing, along with container capacity planning and tracking
  • Need to manage the fulfilment of customer orders via home delivery and store or warehouse pick-up

When a staff member makes a sale at store level, the software provides easy to use features to improve customer service and logistics efficiencies:

  • Look up live stock levels of all products, at all store or warehouse locations
  • Add products to the sale, irrespective of whether they are in stock or not, and where they are located (either your local store or at another store / warehouse). The software will automatically generate stock transfers and allocate inventory at the chosen locations.
  • Set the method of customer fulfilment for each product, either:
    • Cash n Carry
    • Store Pickup
    • Home Delivery
    • Warehouse Pickup
    • And any combination of the above for each individual product being sold
  • Choose the store or warehouse location where the products will be fulfilled from
  • Choose the store or warehouse location where the products will be sourced from
  • Instantly view the availability status of each product, so you can provide your customer with a realistic ETA date of their order. The on-screen statuses displayed are:
    • “Available” in stock at your local store or at another store or warehouse
    • “On Order”  with a supplier (coming into any store location). The Purchase Order ETA data is displayed live on the POS screen
    • “In-transit” to your store from another store or warehouse
    • “Received” and ready to be made “available”

Automated (or Manual) Internal Transfer Orders

This is a software process for automating the creation of Stock Transfers between your stores and warehouses.

Typically, in most POS systems, when you make a sale for a product that is not in stock at the time of sale, you would need to manually create a stock transfer request to get the stock into your store. This process is very manual and time consuming, especially for retailers that do a large volume of stock transfers between locations each week.

Retail Express completely automates this process, whereby when you make a sale for a product that needs to be transferred into your store, the Internal Transfer Order (ITO) is automatically generated, and the stock is automatically “allocated” at the “source” location.

Your staff (at other stores & warehouses) simply needs to view their Transfer Reports to see which stock needs to be transferred out to another store. Emails are also sent to the ‘source’ location to advise of the new transfer request.

Furthermore, the Stock Transfers (ITO’s) can be generated in one of the below ways:

Automatic Store Selection

You can configure each of your stores to have the ITO’s automatically created at specific store or warehouse locations, each time a product is sold at the Point of Sale (assuming the product is not in stock at the local store). Or,

Manual Store Selection

At the time of making the sale, you can manually choose the location where you want to get the stock from (which is where the ITO will be created for).

The Internal Transfer Order system manages all of the following processes:

  • Automatic allocation of products at the “source” location
  • Counting down of inventory (stock control) of products at both the source and destination store
  • Detailed reporting of all stock transfers created

An automatic email alerts to advise staff on the status of ITO’s.

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