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Accounting Integration – Xero & MYOB

Retail POS Software Integration
MYOB accounting integration Retail Express


Do We Integrate With Xero and MYOB?



We are pleased to offer Retail Express customers a free software tool enabling simple integration with Xero and MYOB.

The Retail Express Accounting Import Solution is designed to transfer transactional data from Retail Express into a retailer’s chosen accounting software solution.

Step 1: Install software onto personal computer
Step 2: Complete configuration steps
Step 3: All relevant retail transactions are easily & quickly imported into your general ledger. Done!

Retail Express Accounting Import Solution screenshot

Which Accounting Systems Integrate?

1. Xero

Retail Express xero add on


Find out more about Xero integration here.



2. MYOB AccountRight (Non Cloud Versions) – Australian versions only:
a) AccountRight Standard 19.0 – 19.10
b) Account Right Plus 19.0 – 19.10
c) AccountRight Premier 19.0 – 19.10
d) AccountRight Enterprise 19.0 – 19.10


Find out more about MYOB integration here.


What Data Does it Import?

  • Sales transactions
  • Cost of sales
  • Customer payments
  • Customers
  • Supplier purchase orders
  • Suppliers
  • Stock adjustments/Stock takes
  • Stock transfers
  • Outlets

Does it Take The Timing of Sales into Account?

Yes. The accounting basis settings allow you to select the timing of when sales and purchases are imported.

Sales Options

A. Standard Accrual Basis – Date the sale is created in Retail Express.
B. Fulfilled Accrual Basis – Date when all products are 100% fulfilled.
C. Standard Cash Basis – Date the transaction is paid in full.
D. Fulfilled & Paid Cash Basis – Date when sale is 100% fulfilled and paid.

Purchase Order Options

A. Date the purchase order is created in Retail Express.
B. Date the supplier invoice is received in Retail Express.

Who Can Set This Software Up?

Given the general ease of use of the import tool, an experienced bookkeeper can install and use this solution without assistance from Retail Express.

Retail Express will provide basic guidance of where to access and download this software, and basic (non-accounting) guidance on the software installation process.


If you’d like more information for your own retail outlet/s or on behalf of a client, please drop us a line here – we look forward to helping you grow your business.

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