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Magento Ecommerce Integration

Consumers have to be able to check out with ease or they will take their business elsewhere. Not only do they need to be able to check out easier but they need to know exactly what products are available at any given time. Not everyone shops during typical business hours – many people shop online at all hours of the day or night and even on public holidays. That is why Magento Ecommerce is a must have service for all of your point of sale system needs. An integrated webstore has many benefits to both you and your customers.

For instance, your brand and identity is implemented into a customised online store so that you never lose the branding when customers view your products or service or when making a purchase. You are in control of everything and that alleviates the burden of having to hire someone to create your site. And since everything is done in real time, you no longer have to worry about duplicate sales.

As soon as something is sold in the store or online it disappears from the inventory so mistakes are never made with duplications. This takes away the human error factor and customers are happy that what they see, they can buy. In fact, everything is done in a centralised main sales order reporting system so there is less work to do – no more entering a customer’s order; it’s already done.

magento POS integration

Your business will love the automation processes. Tax invoices, order confirmations for customers and other workflow applications are taken care of automatically and that saves time and money. It also makes it easier to keep up with important paperwork that can get lost throughout the year. Everything is in one place and easy to locate.

Magento Ecommerce does all of this and more. What is great is that there is no software to install, no IT maintenance and no servers that run up costs. You have access to your online store software 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Everything that you need is available to you when you need it with zero downtime, zero polling and zero data corruption. If you want to check your sales for the day in the middle of the night, it’s as easy as opening the software.

You can even customise your promotions and make changes to your sales pages such as changing a welcome message, featuring products or even showcasing special offers. Your existing customers can even learn about your new products via the newsletter sent by email. It is that simple to not only make new customers but keep your current customers coming back for me. Just think, while you’re fast asleep you can be making sales with Magento Ecommerce.

The experts at Magento Commerce know that your business is important to you. That is why this shopping cart software provides solutions for all of your ecommerce needs.

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