I’m A Multi-Store Retailer

I’m A Multi-Store Retailer

After years of hard work and dedication, your business is growing and becoming more difficult to manage.

It’s now more important than ever that you choose a partner that truly understands your operational and software requirements, and can support you well into the future.

  • You need advanced & sophisticated features to support the growing complexity in the business.  This is the sweet spot for Retail Express. It’s what we designed the software for, from the outset. Our close consultation with multi-store retailers has resulted in a feature-set that supports the demands of a growing retailer of 2 to 200 stores.
  • Inventory optimisation is paramount to profitability.  With multiple stores and lots of inventory, it’s too easy to periodically buy some stock that you don’t need, and neglect to buy some stock that you do need

You only need to have your inventory un-optimised by 3% for it to be having an enormous impact on profitability.  Our stock control and replenishment system helps you substantially improve your return on stock, and to administrate it with much less time. Our customer, on average experience a 12% improvement on ‘return on stock’.

Retail Express Has One Central Database for All Stores

Multiple stores typically mean multiple databases at each store – and lots or ‘polling’ of your information. You simply can’t afford, nor do you need to put up with data corruptions, polling issues, lack of information accessibility, and polling delays.

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Retail Express solves this by utilising a new generation, single & central database for all your stores. You get one central pool of information – accessible live 24/7, from anywhere in the world.  It’s all hosted at an $85M data centre.  We guarantee no polling, no data corruption and no delays.

Retail Express has Extremely Effective Loyalty & Sales Promotion Tools

The way you manage Loyalty, CRM & Sales Promotions will distinguish you from your competitors, and help create long lasting customer relationships. You’ll be blown away by the effectiveness and capabilities of our loyalty system.

Retail Express Gives Your Transparency into each Store on One Screen

Retail (business) Intelligence provides the live & critical information you need to navigate the business through the obstacles – and to the opportunities you previously couldn’t see. Our reporting dashboards and reports were designed by growing multi-store retailers (not by software technicians)!

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