Single Store POS & Stock Control Software

Single Store POS & Stock Control Software

As a single store retailer – every second in the day counts.  And so does every dollar!

You’re working hard to build a better business, but resources are limited.

Retail Express is beneficial to smaller and single store retailers for the following reasons:

  • It’s not expensive! In fact, it saves you more time & money.
  • You get an extremely easy to use POS and stock control system that has all the basic features you’ll need on a day to day basis. The advanced features are available to use as your business grows.
  • Support is fantastic – and we provide ‘on-demand’ video training modules that come with the software. You and your staff can learn the basics and be using Retail Express within minutes…
  • Say goodbye to IT Management, hardware, software installations, back-ups and ‘all things computers’! You’re in the business of retailing – and that’s exactly what you can focus on when using Retail Express. We host the software at a world class data centre and manage all the IT at our end. It’s that simple!
  • You need the flexibility to view and manage the business from wherever you are. Being a web-based application, you can access Retail Express from anywhere that has an internet connection.  Be it the lounge room, the local café, or from across the other side of the globe. Information is live at the browser – so you need never miss a beat again!

If your plans are to grow the business, then rest assured you’ll be using a proven business application that’s already being used by hundreds of large multi-store retailers.

Single Store POS System

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