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Point of Sale Solutions

Retail Express delivers complete point of sale solutions to the retail industry. Providing the full suite of features for retailers of any size and product category in today’s fast paced world, this new-generation retail software will change the way you run your business.

By storing all the sales data and information from all your stores in one single, central database accessed through a web-based client program, Retail Express is capable of providing consistent, real time point of sale information to you and your staff regardless of store location.

Point of sale software often requires significant investments in IT infrastructure, training and system maintenance staff on site. By processing and storing your data securely at a remote data centre, Retail Express is able to incorporate a wide range of powerful features that are beyond the capabilities of many standalone software solutions.

In addition, all your retail staff have real-time access to the same information, helping you achieve substantially improved operational efficiencies.

One Point of Sale System for All Sales Channels

pos solutions With Retail Express, achieving effective stock control and flow of information between outlets in your multi-outlet operation will no longer be the headache that it was in the past, and you will be able to spend more time on growing the business and delivering the best possible level of service to your customers.

Instant access to up-to-the minute information will allow you to source items out- of-stock in one store, from stores elsewhere in the chain that are holding surplus levels of the required inventory. Customer information, and your customer’s shopping habits and preferences will readily be on hand for marketing and promotional purposes.



Retail Express Point of Sale solutions offer the following capabilities:

  1. Fast and efficient checkout transaction processing
  2. Real time inter-branch stock information
  3. Real time daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales information
  4. Fully integrated retail POS for in-store and internet based retail transactions
  5. Up to the minute reporting
  6. Acceptance of multiple payment methods
  7. Ability to create and redeem gift vouchers across all store locations
  8. One-off and bulk product discounts on customer orders
  9. Quick and easy inventory queries

These along with many other features, and the ability to locate customers, invoices, lay-bys and products quickly & easily, have helped make Retail Express the preferred solution for a number of prominent Australian retail chains.

It is also one of the favourite point of sale systems for franchisors, providing first class franchise software that incorporates sales and stock information from multiple franchise outlets on a timely basis. In effect, this allows the delivery of a complete business solution for franchise businesses of any type.

POS Retail Intelligence in All Locations

With many retailers seeing increasing demand for mobile and temporary point of sale capacity, a centralized database and web connectivity are quickly becoming essential.

mobile-point-of-saleWe are already there, offering a flexible and location-independent solution that does away with cumbersome and outmoded point of sale equipment. It is touch screen ready, allows creation of a sales invoice from a PDA, mobile smartphone, and features a web-based integrated payment gateway that accepts credit card payments. In the meantime, your retail data is kept safe with security controlled access for each cashier transaction.

When you are looking for the right system for your business, you want to make sure you choose a solution that has been tested and proven in a real world setting. Retail Express meets these criteria as it is designed by retail business experts, for retail business owners and operators. You can be rest assured that you will be getting software that has been put through its paces.

The result is a solution that you can be confident will be easy to use, highly functional, and able to carry out all of the tasks you require of it—adapting to the way you already do business, rather than requiring you to change the way you do business.

Retail point of sale solutions from Retail Express Australia will guarantee that you have an effective and efficient  system that ensures you and your business are equipped to achieve maximum sales and growth well into the future.

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