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Stock Control Software

Choosing the right stock control software for your retail business is critical to your success, as it allows you to maximise both your profits and costs savings with efficient, intelligent control of stock levels even during major fluctuations in retail activity.

With this in mind, Retail Express focuses their development of inventory management software on practical yet powerful outcomes that significantly reduce the time you spend on many stock management tasks.

Stock Control Software System

Inventory Management & Stock Control Software

In the retail sector how well you control your stock can mean the difference between business success and business failure. The stock management software you use is a critical element in how you manage your supply chain and how effectively you control your inventory turnover.

In a world of multiple sales channels, more sophisticated customers, and fast moving technology, Retail Express can help you manage your cash flow, understand your customer’s buying patterns, and ensure that you keep just the right amount of inventory on hand.

It is not enough to know how many you have on hand of each item in your warehouse. You need to be able to optimize your stock by knowing when to reorder and which supplier can provide you with the best price—while you trade. As an industry leader in fast response, real-time inventory control software, Retail Express can help you do this. You have the choice of quickly and easily populating your supplier database either manually or through batch upload. Reorders can be configured to trigger when you need them electronically via email. Both full and partial orders can be managed effectively, and backorders monitored.

Stock takes are fast, and can be done in real time during trading hours—all you have to do is scan your stock, and the data can be transmitted wirelessly to your database. Alternatively, you can enter stock levels manually into the system. Either way, your inventory levels are updated almost instantly across all store locations.

You can also use Retail Express’ stock control capabilities to find out which products are moving fast and which products are sitting on the shelves—then use that information to simply and strategically select stock to re-order, or to transfer it to another store. You can also set minimum stock levels for automated stock re-ordering and replenishment, ensuring that you have a steady supply of your customer’s favourite products.

With many shops choosing to trade both offline and online, it is often preferable to offer multiple prices and discounts on the same items, in accordance with the buying method used. Our inventory software makes it easy to assign and track multiple prices and discounts on items, optimising your sales opportunities across all channels.

These are just a few examples of the superior inventory control capabilities that Retail Express makes possible. Other features include:

  • Real time access to inventory data
  • Simple, easy to understand interface
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Integrate with POS systems
  • Fast and accurate product searches
  • Stock transfers between stores or warehouses
  • Wireless and touch screen compatible
  • Bar code scanning
  • Large database capability through SQL

Retail Express is developed for use in an actual retail environment. This means our POS system works the way you do. Its user friendly interface will enable your staff to be up and running quickly and painlessly—saving you both time and money. Stock control reporting is comprehensive and flexible with a full range of dashboard features.

As a fully hosted system you will have none of the expense or headaches that come along with managing your software in-house, or through building a stock control system from scratch. Secure and dedicated servers mean that even if you and your company are working 24/7, so are your retail stock control software systems.

With access to stock information across multiple stores and warehouses, your employees are empowered to provide the utmost in customer service. Integration with POS enables you to tailor your stock management software systems to take advantage of trends quickly and efficiently. The ability to maintain real time inventory levels while taking advantage of multiple sales channels means that no matter how big or small your retail operation is, you can access buyers throughout your target selling region.

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