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Engage. Sell. Grow.


Reduce costs. Streamline.


Design. Build. Integrate.

  • Sell more instore

  • Upsell. Cross Sell.
  • Increase average sale
  • Powerful loyalty.
  • Automatic stock transfers
  • Live Product lookups - all stores
  • Visibility of entire supply chain

Retail Express is perfect for stores like yours

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Seriously smart inventory control for growing retailers

Comprehensive and seriously smart stock control for the mid sized retailer.

From importing, re-ordering, store replenishment, stock transfers, fulfillment, centralized product administration, price and promotion management - we make it easy - the way retail should be!
You spend more money on inventory each year than any other area, so take advantage of our smart inventory optimization system. It will substantially improve your 'return on stock' and ensure you get the right stock at the right time.
By streamlining all your retail operations and administration, Retail Express will save you substantial amounts of time and money. Call us today to arrange a demonstration of our comprehensive stock control capabilities.

Sell more online with Skystore

We design, build and integrate beautiful websites, that sell!

Loyalty & Marketing

Retail Express includes a powerful set of Loyalty and Marketing features that are designed to help draw more customers back into store more often – and provide important intelligence about customer purchase behaviour.

An effective Loyalty system allows you to provide better customer service; engender more customer loyalty and repeat purchases; Improve store profitability; and obtain an advantage over your competition.

From branded loyalty cards, customisable point systems, powerful reporting and data intelligence, batch generated incentives such as vouchers and bonus points, and email / newsletter communications.

Engage your customers with Mobile POS

Personalise your in-store customer experience. Show more than what’s instore. Maximise customer conversion

Loved by thousands of retailers

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5 Key Drivers to Retail Growth

Exclusive video interview with Aaron Blackman, CEO & Founder of Retail Express

Take the ROI Challenge

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Total Annual Benefit  $250,000 Note: the projected results are speculative and should not be relied on as a guarantee. This is a typical amount that a retailer will achieve to their bottom line upon using Retail Express

Outstanding Customer Support

Personalised Implementation & Setup Dedicated Australian based phone support National Boot Camps Easy to use Knowledge Base

Australia's Leading POS Systems

Choosing the best POS system can be a challenge in a crowded retail sector dramatically impacted by changing consumer spending patterns and growing online competition. Retail Express offers a significant advantage over other systems especially for growing retailers.

Since 2006 Retail Express has been the market leading cloud-based retail point of sale software solution in Australia, delivering real-time access to all operational and financial data right across the business — driving productivity, efficiency, enhancing customer service and informing better decision making.

All this – in the cloud.

Easy-to-use Cloud Software

Accessible anywhere, anytime via the cloud, Retail Express enables retailers to control every aspect of their business. Our comprehensive POS systems and POS software solutions encompass the full spectrum of functionality including inventory management, integrated webstore, loyalty programs, marketing, business intelligence and logistics.

Tight integration between all point of sale system modules allows management to monitor and respond to changes in every aspect of the business in real-time via on-demand access to real-time information, including sales figures, costs, margins, gross profits, inventory control and valuations, forecast projections, reviews and more.

Enable Confident Business Decisions

Retail Express POS software Australia provides improved visibility into the business, enabling retailers to make better-informed decisions daily. It allows your organisation to respond faster to changing market conditions and competitive threats. How? Well, take a look at our detailed reporting features that can track what’s selling, what’s not, who’s performing the best and at what times. We have over 50 custom reports to help you keep your finger on the pulse ensuring you not only stay on top of the market but ahead of it.

Unique among point of sale software solutions, Retail Express reduces the work associated with opening up new stores and makes mobile selling, pop-up shops and kiosks easier and more cost-effective to manage. Our POS system works easily on tablet and iPad devices keeping your staff on the floor with your customers. This comes in especially handy when you’re working with large showrooms or assisting customers locate different colours or styles from your various outlets – giving your customers the one-on-one attention that brings them back to your store.


Point of Sales Solutions That Work

The most important element of your retail business are your customers. Why go chasing new customers when your POS system can easily assist you to build rapport and grow a relationship with your existing customers? With Retail Express loyalty and marketing features, you can easily bring your customers back in store, more often with targeted emails, loyalty and rewards, different levels of rewards for your VIP’s, send out vouchers and communicate to specific audiences based on birthdays or what they’ve recently purchased. We don’t stop there give your customers the omni-channel experience they expect with a truly connected and integrated webstore to in-store experience. Allow your customers to purchase from your online store and communicate offers to them based on those purchases to bring them back instore. Ensure your webstore and your outlets are all communicating effectively so you know that your stock levels are accurate, every moment of every day.

We challenge you to find a better point of sale system that can truly connect with your customers the way Retail Express does.

POS Systems Like No Other

With over 3000 customers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Retail Express offers a point of sale system and inventory management system that surpasses the nearest competitor. Check out some video testimonials of our customers and how in some cases, they’ve grown their stores from just one to over 30 stores in just a few years with the use of Retail Express.

Each retailer has a unique set of requirements for their business and their customers. What we all have in common however is the potential to provide exceptional customer service and what goes hand-in-hand with this is complete clarity around your stock and inventory needs. This ensures you’re servicing your customers needs with the right product at the right time. When you have complete transparency of your point of sale requirements and you’ve regained control of your stock, business flows easier and therefore growth becomes so much more achievable no matter what your industry.

Take this together with our loyalty and marketing features where you can easily communicate with your customers and offer them special rewards, growth becomes inevitable.

Understanding POS

At the end of the day, we used to be retailers just like you so we understand retail and precisely what you’re looking for in a point of sale solution. We came across the same difficulties other retailers come across including the most common: as we grew, the problems also grew exponentially. This is why we created Retail Express and why it works for thousands of retailers to achieve their ultimate outcome of growth.

A growing retailer understands that if there are tiny inefficiencies in the business with one or two stores, they become enormous as you grow to more than 5 stores. This is especially true if you don’t have clarity around stock control and inventory. If you’re ordering too much of some products and not enough of others, the cost to your business is huge if you don’t work off real numbers.

Thankfully, Retail Express truly solves this with our unique ordering algorithm helping you determine exactly what you need to order for each specific time of the year based on recent and past sales. A truly smart point of sale solution that simply works.

Find out more by signing up for a free demo today.  READ LESS

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