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The way retail should be

Retail Express delivers market leading cloud based Retail Operating Software, designed specifically to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and grow sales.

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Australia's Leading POS Systems

Choosing the best POS system can be a challenge in a crowded retail sector dramatically impacted by changing consumer spending patterns and growing online competition. For medium to large businesses Retail Express offers a significant advantage over other systems.

Since 2006 Retail Express has been the market leading cloud-based retail point of sale software solution in Australia, delivering real-time access to all operational and financial data right across the business — driving productivity, efficiency, enhancing customer service and informing better decision making.

Easy-to-use Cloud Software

Accessible anywhere, anytime via the cloud, Retail Express enables retailers to control every aspect of the business. Our comprehensive POS systems and POS software solutions encompass the full spectrum of functionality including inventory management, integrated webstore, loyalty programs, marketing, business intelligence and logistics.

Tight integration between all Point Of Sale system modules allows management to monitor and respond to changes in every aspect of the business in real-time — via on-demand access to real-time information, including sales figures, costs, margins, gross profits, inventory control and valuations, forecast projections, reviews and more.

Enable Confident Business Decisions

Retail Express POS software Australia operating software provides improved visibility into the business, enabling retailers to make better-informed decisions daily. It allows your organisation to respond faster to changing market conditions and competitive threats. Unique among point-of-sale software solutions, it reduces the work associated with opening up new stores and makes mobile selling, pop-up shops and kiosks easier and more cost-effective to manage.