Retail Express Launches Online Store Software for E-Commerce Websites


Finding the right point of sale software for any retail store can be a challenging and often expensive exercise. With this in mind, the people behind Retail Express worked to create a new generation of POS software that offers live, real-time data and allows for remote access. It also easily integrates online store software for e-commerce websites.

Retail store owners can easily customise and tailor the systems available from Retail Express to suit their own unique requirements. This allows for data to be shared in real-time across multiple stores, as well as from an e-commerce website.

This makes stock and inventory control faster and more efficient. Staff can access the system and see at a glance if a particular item is available from a different store, which reduces the risk of losing a customer.

However, the massive benefit of being able to integrate online store software into the existing retail store software means increased sales and higher profits. Taking advantage of the massive growth in online shopping can yield excellent results for most businesses, especially as more people turn to online shopping to make their purchases.

Ecommerce website design coupled with secure online store software allows any business to display stock to those browsing the Internet. The ability to make a purchase from the comfort of home is often a big motivator for people to buy from a retail store.

The professional, experienced staff at Retail Express are available to discuss the individual requirements for any retail store, including integrating online store software into an e-commerce website.

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Date of Post: 2012-06-22

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