Retail Express delivers market leading cloud retail point of sale software, designed specifically to reduce costs, improve efficiency and grow sales.

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Retail Express offers advanced multi-store and multi-channel capabilities, with innovative business logic and smart workflows for tomorrows retailer. Experience our complete retail POS system solution – from In-store and Mobile POS, seriously smart Back Office & Stock Control, and tightly integrated eCommerce. We deliver easy-to-use POS systems for retail software in the cloud, so there’s no software to install, I.T costs are slashed and you can access and control your entire business operation from anywhere, anytime.

Innovative Point of Sale

Truly easy to use, drives sales growth and supplies valuable information to the business intelligence system.

The POS retail interface encourages upselling and cross selling and has just about every imaginable In-Store feature you could think of!

With our cloud based system, you can be operational in new stores, kiosks and pop-up shops within minutes, and at a fraction of the cost of most traditional systems.

Our ongoing commitment to retail POS software improvement includes regular engagement with the retail community, along with advanced technology research and development.

POS Retail Software

Engage your Customers with Mobile Retail POS Systems

Engage and interact with your customers on the showroom floor - show new products, pictures, stock levels, pricing and have the freedom to create new sales – anywhere, anytime.

Retail Express works on most tablets, including iPad, Microsoft Surface and many others.

With our cloud based system, it’s fast, easy and inexpensive to deploy new kiosks, pop-up shops, and sell at trade shows and fairs.

Seriously Smart Stock Control

Comprehensive and seriously smart stock control for the mid-sized retailer.

From importing, re-ordering, store replenishment, stock transfers, fulfilment, centralised product administration, price and promotion management – we make it easy – the way POS systems for retail should be!

You spend more money on inventory each year than any other area, so take advantage of our smart inventory optimisation system. It will substantially improve your ‘return on stock’ and ensure you get the right stock at the right time.

By streamlining all your retail operations and administration, Retail Express will save you substantial amounts of time and money. Call us today to arrange a demonstration of our comprehensive stock control capabilities.

Loyalty & Marketing

Retail Express includes a powerful set of Loyalty and Marketing features that are designed to help draw more customers back into store more often – and provide important intelligence about customer purchase behaviour.

An effective Loyalty system allows you to provide better customer service; engender more customer loyalty and repeat purchases; Improve store profitability; and obtain an advantage over your competition.

From branded loyalty cards, customisable point systems, powerful reporting and data intelligence, batch generated incentives such as vouchers and bonus points, and email / newsletter communications.

Reporting. Business Intelligence

Retailers need to make ‘profit enhancing’ business decisions quickly and easily.

Point of Sale Reporting
Retail Express provides real-time dashboards, reports and business intelligence via the cloud, ensuring you always have your finger on the pulse from anywhere, anytime.
Point of Sale Analytics
From customer, inventory, sales, financial, staff and supplier reporting - our comprehensive suite of reports will arm you with the critical information you need, when you need it most.

Logistics & fulfilment

Order fulfilment and warehouse logistics functionality comes standard in Retail Express – and it’s a particular strength in our retail point of sale software.

  • Receipting import containers and purchase orders
  • High volume and ad hoc store transfers, with detailed visibility and tracking of multi-store stock transfers at all times
  • Warehouse stock allocation, picking, dispatching and receipt
  • Advanced home delivery and order fulfilment features
  • Control the source and fulfilment location of each inventory item within a customer order, choose fulfilment methods, see live ETA dates for inbound containers, and enjoy automatic stock transfers

eCommerce & Webstore

Retail Express are specialists in integrated eCommerce and webstore solutions.

We design and produce beautiful and professional websites for retailers, and provide deep integration between back-office and ecommerce.

We have a variety of packages complete with responsive design, expanding functionality and training as standard. We design, build and project manage the whole implementation process for you and follow up with training on how to manage your site from end-to-end.

If you have your own web store already, choose from our Magento eCommerce Plug-in or access our eCommerce API for other platforms.


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