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Mobile POS

Mobile POSEngage your Customers to Combat Showrooming

Showrooming is a relatively recent shopping behaviour where consumers visit a store to try out a product and then purchase it at a cheaper price online. It’s been powered by the rise of smartphones which enable shoppers to compare prices and look for a better deal online rather than purchasing a product at the bricks and mortar outlet.

In an economy where consumer spending is down and retailers are already feeling the pinch, showrooming has become a major talking point amongst retailers.

Showrooming represents an opportunity because it brings people into your store to look and feel at products they’re serious about buying. By engaging with showroomers and finding ways to convert them on the spot, smart retailers can use this ‘challenge’ to grow their business.

See how one Retailer made over $100,000 by embracing showrooming.


Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile POS SystemThe Retail Express mobile point of sale system works on tablets, such as the iPad and MS Surface, allowing retail sales staff to get out from behind the service desk and into the showroom. By doing so, you can better engage your customers on the showroom floor and create a better retail experience.

Sales staff can use the Look Book mobile POS feature to show customers more product ranges, pictures, pricing and stock availability. They can also use the tablets to create a quote or complete a transaction.

The point at which customers are most willing to hand over their money is when they see something they like, therefore arming your sales associates with mobile POS substantially increases sales conversion rates.

Having Retail Express in the hands of your sales staff can help take away all the reasons why a ‘showrooming’ customer may want to delay a transaction. You can show alternative products, different colours and sizes, and even different products at different prices if affordability is the barrier.

Many retailers that have implemented mobile POS have reduced walkaways by more than 10 per cent; which is a substantial improvement to annual sales revenue.


Mobile POS SoftwareKiosks, Pop-Up Shops, Trade Shows, Car Park Sales

You can also use the Retail Express mobile POS solutions to easily sell at trade shows, Kiosks, Pop-Up shops, etc.
If you are running a special event, such as a VIP Promotional night, or a Car Park sale, your sales staff can walk around and engage with customers by looking at the merchandise and then punch in the sale on the tablet. It’s fast, efficient and will enhance the experience for customers by giving them everything they need on the spot.

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