Franchise Connect

Australia's Only Cloud Platform for Retail Franchise Operations

Do You Have Impaired Visibility Of Your Entire Franchise Network?

If you’re managing a franchise with multiple franchisees across Australia and/or New Zealand, chances are you have very little visibility of their sales, customers and inventory.

Retail Express offers the only franchise-suitable cloud based platform with visibility across all connected businesses.

Seamless, Realtime Integration In The Cloud

See All Transactional Data

Information is key to making better business decisions and now franchise owners can access sales data in the cloud at any time, accurate to the second. 

Use this valuable information to fuel better & more accurate business decisions across stock management, marketing & franchisee recruitment.

Maintain Products & Pricing

We’ve created the perfect blend of head office management together with franchisee freedom to operate within their unique environment.

Global products can be created, edited and pushed out to franchisees whilst they maintain the freedom to create products or override outlet specific pricing if they choose.

Enhanced Marketing Intelligence

With visibility of each outlet’s sales, customer data and trends, the franchise head office will be able to make better decisions for promotional activity across the whole brand.

Improved Supplier Relations & Negotiations

With Retail Express Franchise Connect, supplier negotiations are no longer based off assumptions but rather true and accurate data, accessible at any moment.

This alone will save you time and money, ensuring that positive supplier relations form the backbone of your franchise business.

Successfully Implemented Across ARL Group

Outstanding Australian Support

  • Personalised Implementation & Setup
  • National face-to-face training
  • Easy to use Knowledge Base