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The fastest, most cost-efficient solution for a
best-in-class cloud retail tech stack

Quickly introduce a unified retail software solution with our NetSuite integration. Deliver the unrivalled omni-channel customer experiences and operational efficiency you need to thrive.

Fashion Apparel & Footwear Retail
  • In-Store Point of Sale

  • Integrated eCommerce

  • Inventory

  • CRM

  • Fulfilment

  • Loyalty

  • Marketing

  • Financial Management

  • Order Management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Supply Chain

  • Procurement

  • Business Intelligence

  • B2B eCommerce Portal

A fully-integrated solution

netsuite pos integration

Automatically supports all standard Retail Express workflows.

netsuite pos integration

Automated inventory store replenishment, seamlessly automating Netsuite workflows to help ensure all locations have the optimal stock levels.

netsuite pos integration

Streamlined Point of Sale and eCommerce operations for total support of an omni-channel selling experience.

Transform your retail operations

Omni-channel customer experience

Orders sync between Retail Express and NetSuite to allow them to be fulfilled directly from your warehouses or dispatched to store for Click & Collect.

Accurate stock levels

Maintain optimal inventory levels within NetSuite with near real-time stock levels across stores and warehouses.

Centralised inventory management

Keep NetSuite as the single source of truth for inventory management and pricing, synced to all locations.

Stay up-to-date with performance

Secure, up-to-date back office financials, so you always know what’s happening.

Power-up your sales tools

Centralised discounting, refunds, exchanges, store credits, in-store laybys and payments methods.

Retail Express and NetSuite presented the most cash-flow friendly, cost-effective way for us to get all the functionality we will need out-of-the box.

Rather than spending time on configuring and maintaining IT systems, we can just focus on implementing retail best practices.”


Testimonial of HENRI LEE of Napoleon - Netsuite POS Integration

Build the capabilities you need to survive & prosper in the new normal.

Lean & Agile

  • Replace clunky, antiquated, legacy systems with a dynamic, user-friendly cloud solution.

  • Focus on running your business not IT infrastructure - no servers to maintain or support teams

  • Get set up fast and introduce retail practices & functionality quicker

Truly Omni-Channel

  • Enable your customers to interact with your brand across all channels without facing friction.

  • Completely unify your systems, processes and channels to avoid double-handling and data conflicts.

  • Leverage all your stock for both retail and wholesale

Empowered Employees Via Smart, Intuitive Systems

  • Provide employees in-store and back-office with smart tools and data access that allows them to be more productive, sell more and deliver a memorable customer experience.

  • Minimise the need for training with highly intuitive interfaces and workflows.

Total Visibility & Control

  • Get a unified view of your business operations, customers and performance across all channels.

  • Ensure real-time data is shared across all teams in your business and with external partners.

  • Automate business processes across your entire supply chain.

Enterprise cloud software that’s affordable and quick to implement

We offer the level of setup and support you’ve always wanted.
Every Retail Express client gets VIP service as standard.

  • Dedicated implementation success manager

  • Data migration service and hardware setup support

  • Australian-based support team of retail experts

  • 99% of phone calls answered in less than 30 seconds

  • 24/7 online knowledge portal and webinars

  • Face-to-face, interactive training workshops









Napoleon Perdis:
Retail Re-invention

Napoleon Perdis Netsuite pos integration

By adopting Retail Express and NetSuite, Napoleon Perdis have been able to:

  • Save 8 days of labour per month by automating stock replenishment

  • Implement a lean and agile IT solution for retail best practice

  • Achieve a single-customer view for personalised marketing

Learn how this iconic cosmetics retailer is reinventing itself as a lean and agile omni-channel innovator with a cost-effective, best-in-class integrated solution from Retail Express & NetSuite Australia.

How The Retail Express & NetSuite Integration Works

Our pre-built integration supports omni-channel selling by natively connecting Retail Express and NetSuite to streamline your operations and customer experience.

Fully managed, and able to be customised to suit unique commerce requirements, the integration provides retailers with 360 degree views of their entire business giving them complete control over every aspect of sales.

Near real-time, bi-directional data synchronisation (both on-demand and scheduled options available).

  • Vendors

  • Sales

  • Returns & refunds

  • Fulfilment

  • Transfers

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