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Finally, a best-in-class, cost-efficient & agile cloud solution purpose-made for Fashion & Footwear

Everything you need for omni-channel B2C and B2B retail success.

Fashion Apparel & Footwear Retail
  • In-Store Point of Sale

  • Integrated eCommerce

  • Inventory

  • CRM

  • Fulfilment

  • Loyalty

  • Marketing

Sync and Retail Express POS System Integration
  • Manufacturing Management

  • Wholesale Management

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

  • Warehouse Management

  • Vendor Management

  • B2B Sales Platform

  • Integrated Accounting

Transform your retail operations

Build seamless B2B & B2C operations & customer experiences

Optimise processes across your entire value chain from sourcing & manufacturing through to the in-store and online buying experience. Get a unified best-in-class solution for all your B2C and B2B commercial entities and brands.

Leverage all stock across your entire operation

Maximise sales and customer choice by allowing all your locations and channels to have access to one unified pool of inventory for both wholesale and retail.

Empower employees with complete inventory visibility & control

Equip your employees to win the sale with a powerful in-store Point of Sale & B2B Sales Module that enables them to draw on stock available across your entire supply chain.

Automate and optimise inventory & supply chain management processes

Match supply with demand based on real-time data. Automate factory orders, store replenishment and fulfilment of eCommerce orders from the optimum stock location.

Quickly implement a lean, agile and scalable cloud tech stack

Slash your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase agility & scalability with no more expensive IT infrastructure or software to maintain and develop. Enjoy reduced on-boarding costs and exponentially higher employee adoption rates with more intuitive software tools that are purpose-built for Fashion & Footwear .

An End-to-End Apparel ERP & PLM Solution

Sync and Retail Express POS System Integration

Style Costing

Sync and Retail Express POS System Integration


Critical Path

Sync Integration - Apparel & Footwear ERP

Scan & Pack

Sync Integration - Apparel & Footwear ERP


Sync Integration - Apparel & Footwear ERP


Sync Integration - Apparel & Footwear ERP

Tech Pack

Sync Integration - Apparel & Footwear ERP

Materials Purchasing

apparel erp software

Sales Management

apparel erp software

Materials Inventory

apparel erp software

Product Orders

apparel erp software

Business Intelligence

apparel erp software

Sync Mobile

apparel erp software

Mobile Dashboards

apparel erp software

Sync Web

apparel erp software

Production Planning

fashion erp


fashion erp

Quality Assurance

fashion erp

Accounting Integration

fashion erp

Vendor Web Portal

fashion erp


fashion erp


Trusted by these leading brands

Fashion & Footwear Retail - Kookai
Fashion & Footwear Retail - Quick Silver
Fashion & Footwear Retail - Rip Curl
Fashion & Footwear Retail - Oneill
Fashion & Footwear Retail - Holster
Fashion & Footwear Retail - The North Face
Fashion & Footwear Retail - FOX
Fashion & Footwear Retail - Reef
Fashion & Footwear Retail - Hanes
Fashion & Footwear Retail - Salomon
Fashion & Footwear Retail - Roxy
Fashion & Footwear Retail - DC

Fixed cost, rapid implementation

Enable more predictable budgeting with a fixed, all-inclusive cost for implementation, support and software upgrades.

Advanced tools for Apparel & Footwear Retailers


Develop a comprehensive techpack within Sync to streamline garment manufacturing by outsourced vendors.

Critical path

Assign critical path templates to Styles & purchase orders to help keep track of pre-production & delivery milestones.

Superior B2B portal

A superior B2B portal for sales reps & buyers to create orders, track order status, view digital catalogues & inventory availability.

Garment specs & QA audit

Maintain a library of garment specifications & grading rules. Move Fit & QA sample submissions to an electronic platform which increases efficiency & reduces errors.

Vendor portal

Communicate techpack, production, purchase order & critical path information seamlessly with overseas factories.

Extensive integrations

50+ out-of-the-box integrations with leading 3rd party systems. Including Xero, MYOB, The Iconic, Shippit, Starshipit & SPS Commerce.

I truly believe Retail Express and Sync will set the pace of multi-store, omni-channel best practice in this really tough world of Retail.

We’ve got a software solution that now allows us to be the best in every part of our business, deliver outstanding value to customers and quickly change our processes.

– DAVID LYFORD, Managing Director

Sync and Retail Express POS System Integration Review

Build the capabilities you need to survive & prosper in the new normal.

Lean & Agile

  • Replace clunky, antiquated, legacy systems with a dynamic, user-friendly cloud solution.

  • Focus on running your business not IT infrastructure - no servers to maintain or support teams

  • Get set up fast and introduce retail practices & functionality quicker

Truly Omni-Channel

  • Enable your customers to interact with your brand across all channels without facing friction.

  • Completely unify your systems, processes and channels to avoid double-handling and data conflicts.

  • Leverage all your stock for both retail and wholesale

Empowered Employees Via Smart, Intuitive Systems

  • Provide employees in-store and back-office with smart tools and data access that allows them to be more productive, sell more and deliver a memorable customer experience.

  • Minimise the need for training with highly intuitive interfaces and workflows.

Total Visibility & Control

  • Get a unified view of your business operations, customers and performance across all channels.

  • Ensure real-time data is shared across all teams in your business and with external partners.

  • Automate business processes across your entire supply chain.

Enterprise cloud software that’s affordable and quick to implement

We offer the level of setup and support you’ve always wanted.
Every Retail Express client gets VIP service as standard.

  • Dedicated implementation success manager

  • Data migration service and hardware setup support

  • Australian-based support team of retail experts available all 7 days of the week

  • 99% of phone calls answered in less than 30 seconds

  • 24/7 online knowledge portal and webinars

  • Face-to-face, interactive training workshops









Rembrandt Suits

Transforming Omni-Channel Operations in Less Than 10 Weeks:

Fashion Apparel & Footwear Retail

In less than 10 weeks Rembrandt was able to introduce an integrated tech stack that:

  • Maximises sales by leveraging inventory across all channels

  • Minimises overstocks & understocks with automated stock replenishment

  • Streamlines special orders from suppliers and provides accurate ETAs

Learn how a leading apparel retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer has benefited from a cost-effective, best-in-class integration solution from Retail Express & Sync.

A Complete, Direct Integration

Fashion Apparel & Footwear Retail
Sync and Retail Express POS System Integration

Finished goods at warehouse

Create purchase order

Receive purchase order

Create internal store to store transfer

Create internal warehouse to store transfer

Receive internal store transfer

Create retail sales transactions

Create wholesale sales order

Retail store inventory control

Warehouse inventory control

Store stock takes

Retail customer sales order fulfilment – store

Retail customer sales order fulfilment – warehouse

Wholesale customer order fulfilment

Web order fulfilment from store

Web order fulfilment from warehouse


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